Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Paper mache and tissue flower

Paper mache and kitchen tissue flowers....
“Most of us are familiar with recycle and reusing, but how often do we think of the third R - REDUCE? 'Reduce' is probably the most important of the three Rs because, if we reduced, it would limit the need to recycle and reuse.”
- Catherine Pulsifer


Manjiri said...

Unbelivable that it's made of paper mache n tissue...thanks for the title:)
I am just speechless to see the work. Yo may want to try with colored tissue papers next time and I am visualising how lovely it will look!
Many thanks for posting all your work here! It gives immense pleasure to visit this site and see ur art work.
Lots and lots of heartiest best wishes!

Aditi Sameer said...

Hugs and Thx alot...:)

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